It’s all in the Details

I am so excited to talk more about our fabulous reception that we had on the most beautiful yacht, but I want to focus on our cute decor before we really get into the wedding details.

I obsess over little details. Not in a bad way, but when I find little things I love, I love them passionately. Planning our wedding was actually really easy and stress free. It could not have been that way were it not for my family’s help.

I had to start somewhere with the table settings and decor so I decided I wanted a menu to help our guests decide what they would like to eat. I searched for dinnerware and I saw a few places that I liked but didn’t love. When I found Harlow and Grey’s Goddess Collection, I knew we had a winner. It was love at first sight and I am extremely grateful that they wanted to work with me for our wedding!

I decided on the blush and gold main plates along with the marble salad/dessert plates because blush and gold fit in with my wedding colors and the white marble matched the white yacht tables. The matching cups and napkins were the icing on the cake. After finding the perfect place settings, everything else came together wonderfully.

I sometimes forget to breathe when I look at our wedding pictures and videos. I remember sitting on the yacht and staring at the main table thinking that I was dreaming because I had the chance to live my fairytale wedding. Even the gold confetti that my sweet hubby accidentally spilled seemed to fit just right.

Visit Harlow and Grey to order place settings for your next event!

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