Wedding Sunnies

As you can guess my next few posts will focus on different parts of our wedding! I have had endless questions about all of the details so don’t worry, I will be sharing all of them.  Some of you know that we got married in Newport Beach, California. We love that area and it has a very special meaning to us and our family. We decided that we wanted to do something unique that we would always remember so we had our reception on a yacht that took us on a fabulous tour of the area! Since we married in May, we knew the California sun was going to be something we would have to deal with.

When I knew we were going to be on a boat the majority of the day I knew we would need some sunnies. It wasn’t until I found Private Island Party’s custom sunglasses that I knew we had the perfect match. They so generously supplied our party with custom sunnies. We purchased white and black glasses with gold writing on one side that said #happilyeverafter.

I could not have imagined a better wedding favor/thank you that was such a big hit! We get snaps almost daily of our friends and family wearing their sunnies. If you are getting married or have any type of event that you think you might need some shades, make sure to order these custom sunglasses! Each pair of glasses came in their own cloth bag that made them easy to carry or transport. They are perfect for any type of gathering, especially this summer!

Click here to order your custom sunnies!



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