Nicaragua- Tree Casa Resort

First off, let me tell you that Nicaragua is one of the most amazing countries we have traveled to. Many of the locals would tell us Nicaragua is one of Central America’s best kept secrets! The country has stayed just on the outskirts of American influence so rest assured when you visit you won’t find a McDonald’s on every corner. It’s a place that we have already begun planning more trips to and possibly retiring to haha.


When we first arrived, I was excited, and I did not have any preconceived notions so I was ready for anything. We drove from Managua (the capital) to what is known as one of the best surfing locations, San Juan Del Sur. It was beautiful to drive across the countryside. As we saw drove through different towns and spoke with the locals it made me incredibly grateful for many things that I feel I don’t deserve. We may not always feel like we have it all but as Americans we have endless opportunities.

When we got to San Juan Del Sur we explored for a little bit but we were very excited to get to Tree Casa. I do a ton of research about the places we stay at but for this trip it was a little hard to get access to as much information as I am accustomed to but who wouldn’t want to stay in a tree house! Let me tell you that Tree Casa exceeded my expectations. We were immediately greeted by Victor. He became a really great friend during our stay. One of my favorite things about Tree Casa is how friendly their staff is. You visit as a guest and you leave as family. We made so many wonderful friendships that made it so hard to say goodbye.


Carlos the General Manager gave us a tour of the entire resort. The resort is on a huge property with an incredible amount of activities to do. It sits out in the jungle away from the main city on one of the big hills, but it feels like you are in complete heaven. The views are incredible and the Owner, Doug has 500 acres which he plans to keep adding to this wonderful community. They keep most of the natural trees which allow the wildlife to still thrive along with the visitors! Some of our friends watched a howler monkey play right outside their balcony.  Carlos showed us the yoga studios, some of the bike trails, the garden, the inspiration treehouse, the horses, kitchen, the pools (yes pools there are 2 amazing pools), and the tree platforms that you can climb to see the views of the ocean or the views of the resort!


The environment there is unique. The rooms are built like the treehouse you always dreamed of having as a kid but extremely clean and critter free haha! The best part is it is completely tech free which allows you to completely escape everyday life. No TVs! However, they do have Wi-Fi. It was so nice to not be bombarded with tech everywhere while staying in such a nice place. It allowed us to really connect to the environment and the people around us.


Our first night we took a cooking class with Guillermo, their head chef. Our class started in the garden by picking all fresh ingredients and ended by eating the most delicious vegan meal! Guillermo opened the first vegan restaurant in Nicaragua! It was so neat to hear how they plan to grow their garden on 4 acres to only use fresh ingredients for their guests! It was such a perfect place to start fitting into their community.


The next night we went horseback riding through the jungle with our new friends Heather and Tammy. Jav had never ridden a horse before so he was a little nervous at first, but their horses are very well trained. It was extremely fun racing to the tops of the hills and then making it to the outlook destination to see all of San Juan Del Sur at sunset. It was beautiful! It was such a great experience that Jav said he is open to riding horses again!


We stayed at Tree Casa for nearly a week and we got to know most of the employees and locals that lived nearby. Jav and I are already planning on returning. It was such an amazing experience that we love sharing with our families and friends. It will be a place that when we have kids we will take them there and teach them about the culture. The community they are building there is going to be unlike any other and I am excited to see how it grows over the next few years.


If any of you are needing an escape from the day to day I encourage you to travel to Nicaragua and stay at Tree Casa to not only go somewhere new but to have a life changing vacation. Visit to book your stay!



It’s all in the Details

I am so excited to talk more about our fabulous reception that we had on the most beautiful yacht, but I want to focus on our cute decor before we really get into the wedding details.

I obsess over little details. Not in a bad way, but when I find little things I love, I love them passionately. Planning our wedding was actually really easy and stress free. It could not have been that way were it not for my family’s help.

I had to start somewhere with the table settings and decor so I decided I wanted a menu to help our guests decide what they would like to eat. I searched for dinnerware and I saw a few places that I liked but didn’t love. When I found Harlow and Grey’s Goddess Collection, I knew we had a winner. It was love at first sight and I am extremely grateful that they wanted to work with me for our wedding!

I decided on the blush and gold main plates along with the marble salad/dessert plates because blush and gold fit in with my wedding colors and the white marble matched the white yacht tables. The matching cups and napkins were the icing on the cake. After finding the perfect place settings, everything else came together wonderfully.

I sometimes forget to breathe when I look at our wedding pictures and videos. I remember sitting on the yacht and staring at the main table thinking that I was dreaming because I had the chance to live my fairytale wedding. Even the gold confetti that my sweet hubby accidentally spilled seemed to fit just right.

Visit Harlow and Grey to order place settings for your next event!

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Wedding Sunnies

As you can guess my next few posts will focus on different parts of our wedding! I have had endless questions about all of the details so don’t worry, I will be sharing all of them.  Some of you know that we got married in Newport Beach, California. We love that area and it has a very special meaning to us and our family. We decided that we wanted to do something unique that we would always remember so we had our reception on a yacht that took us on a fabulous tour of the area! Since we married in May, we knew the California sun was going to be something we would have to deal with.

When I knew we were going to be on a boat the majority of the day I knew we would need some sunnies. It wasn’t until I found Private Island Party’s custom sunglasses that I knew we had the perfect match. They so generously supplied our party with custom sunnies. We purchased white and black glasses with gold writing on one side that said #happilyeverafter.

I could not have imagined a better wedding favor/thank you that was such a big hit! We get snaps almost daily of our friends and family wearing their sunnies. If you are getting married or have any type of event that you think you might need some shades, make sure to order these custom sunglasses! Each pair of glasses came in their own cloth bag that made them easy to carry or transport. They are perfect for any type of gathering, especially this summer!

Click here to order your custom sunnies!



This is the excerpt for your very first post.

So if you can’t tell already, A Little Bit of Shimmer is getting a full makeover! It is so exciting and there are so many amazing things coming to the blog so get ready. I can’t wait to start sharing more personal aspects of my life and showing more fashion, beauty and lifestyle with you all!